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Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Katie's Hand Embroidered Irish Step Dancing Dress

Katie K.'s hand embroidered Irish Step Dancing Dress turned out to be my very favorite of all the dresses I made and/or embroidered over the many years that I provided this service. Take a look at the pictures and see if you like it as much as I did.

Katie K. chose a lighter and a darker shade of each of five different colors for her embroidered designs. I just love the way the colors work together and the overall richness of the effect.

This is the design of Katie K.'s initials which were embroidered in split stitch using regular DMC stranded floss on the right sleeve before the seam was finished.

This is the same Celtic knot design that Katie L. and Brooke chose for their hemlines. This one is embroidered using both shades of each of the five colors Katie K. chose, in sort of a light-and-shadow or bright-and-soft configuration. It's my favorite part of this dress.

This is the same design that Bridget and Katie L. chose, but in yet another color combination. It was always interesting to see how creative the girls would get with their colors.

This pink and pink design is similar to the pink and white heart design that Brooke chose for her dress, except that these hearts are not quite completely formed in this design. Still it looks like hearts and is appropriately pink.

Katie K.'s belt is the same design as Katie L.'s but done in the soft purple.

I just love this square design that Katie K. picked for her brat.

And here is Katie K.'s completed dress. A beautiful and cheerful dress for a lovely young lady and a talented dancer.

If you are interested in my method of embroidering these velvet dresses using a hoop without crushing the velvet, click HERE for complete instructions.

Happy Stitching!

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