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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Beaded Stitch Markers

The little colored plastic circles that you can buy at your local craft store are great for marking your stitches while knitting, but isn't it nice to have some little something that is not only practical but beautiful as well? I sure think so.

I ran across a reference to an interesting website while I was browsing my favorite embroidery website. Try not to be too disgusted with the name, Wormspit.com. I'm not kidding! See for yourself! It's a site about silkworms, silkmoths and silk.

Mary Corbet at NeedleNThread was referencing it regarding beetle wings to use as embelishments on embroidery, but I found something for us knitters that the Wormspit guy, Michael, was making -- Beautiful Beaded Stitch Markers.

They look easy enough to make, provided you have the right tools. And I thought they were so attractive to look at besides being very functional. Don't you think they would make knitting even more of a pleasure? I sure do!

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