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Monday, June 23, 2008

Even More Irish Step Dancing hand embroidery

Recently in my articles on Chain Stitch Embroidery on Irish Step Dancing Dress and More Irish Step Dancing Embroidery I shared with you some of the Celtic designs I embroidered on my daughter's friends' dresses. Here is another one I did with a little bit different placement of designs and very ... how shall I say it? ... interesting color choices...

Bridget's Irish Step Dancing Dress

This is Bridget's dress with all the designs embroidered for her fifth year. She chose to place the four smaller designs below the large triangular knot design on the skirt, and she also wanted the entire hem of the circular skirt embroidered with the knot row, or pretzel design. As it turned out, I only had time to do the front half of the hem before the big show this group does in March every year, so that is how it ended up. Also notice that Bridget chose to switch up the color combinations on the four smaller designs, changing the inside and outside colors between the two matching designs.

Bridget's pretzel designs

Here is a close-up of the pretzel design. Bridget decided to have alternating rows of very bright pink and very bright yellow along the hemline. This picture shows where two designs joined.

Bridget's chain stitch star design

This star design was one of my favorites to do. I love the simplicity of the outside shape, and the three shapes woven together on the inside. This would be lovely in any color combination.

Bridget's chain stitch design

This design was popular with the girls because the inside shape resembles a shamrock. I did quite a few of them in green, of course! It's hard to tell from this picture, but the inside shamrock like shape is actually green, and the outside shape is sort of a periwinkle color.

Bridget's embroidered initials

These are Bridget's initials, done in a very soft pink floss in split stitch.

celtic knot belt design

This is a close-up of Bridget's belt design, done in four pastel colors. The yellow lines weave up and down from one end of the belt to the other as do the blue lines. The green and pink designs are each a separate little shape interwoven with each other and with the blue and yellow lines. This one was very complicated to stitch, trying to keep track of what color went where and when to go over or under previous stitches. This is the one and only four color belt design I did!

two Irish step dancing dresses hand embroidered

Here are Brooke and Bridget's dresses, complete and ready to go on stage! Notice Brooke's belt design on the left. It is the same as Bridget's but I stitched it in only two colors. After stitching these two belts, I switched to a simpler belt design for all the other girls' dresses!

Stay tuned for a few more hand embroidered Irish Step Dancing dresses and a little demonstration of my method of embroidering on velvet with a hoop.

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