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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Irish Step Dancing embroidery

In the previous post I shared the story of how I got into doing this embroidery on Irish Step Dancing dresses for my daughter's friends. I lost count of just how many dresses I stitched and I'm not even sure I have pictures of all of them. But here are a few pictures of one of the completed dresses with close-ups of some of my favorite designs.

hand embroidered Irish Step Dancing dress
This dress is one of my favorites because of the layout of the designs. Each dancer was allowed to decide where she wanted the designs placed on her dress, after the third year. I think Brooke's placement was very balanced and pleasing.

chain stitch embroidered hearts
Brooke chose this design and the pink and white color combination because she thought it looked like a ring of hearts. The designs were usually only stitched with two rows of chain stitch, but Brooke had her own ideas, and wanted pink on the outside and white on the inside. I was pleased with the results, and so was she!

Irish flag chain stitch embroidery
This color combination was Brooke's own idea too and where do you think she got her inspiration for it? The Irish Flag of course! Very appropriate!

embroidered initials

These are Brooke's initials which were embroidered on the right sleeve before the sleeve seam was sewn up. The initials are the only embroidery on the dress that is not chain stitch. I used split stitch throughout this design. I used white floss for the letters and a metallic pink floss for the crazy line that weaves in and out and up and over. Using the floss was fine, but stitching with that metallic thread was a nightmare for me! However, Brooke was very happy with her dress and as far as I know she still wears it with pride.

Stay tuned for more on embroidered Irish Step Dancing dresses soon!

Happy Stitching!

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