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Monday, July 21, 2008

Children's Embroidery Class -- Ready to go!

The Children's Embroidery Class I've been preparing for is finally all together and ready to go! And with a whole week to spare!

Registration for the class started while we were gone on vacation, but I checked in to the Library website using the very s-l-o-w connection we had available at the cabin. The day after registration opened for the class, all six spots were filled and the waiting list was also full! I may end up running another session of the same class this summer. I never thought there would be that much interest. Although now that I think about it, the class is funded by the Friends of the Library and is free to the participants, and it is being held in the evening when kids will be home from their daily activities. So I guess it makes sense. Anyway, here's what it looks like all packed up and ready for next week...

I set out what each child will have for the beginning of the class.

They will each get their own hoop to keep, the notebook which will end up covered in the denim that is already folded and pinned and marked with the design, enough DMC Pearl Cotton to complete the design and a needle.

I cut fun foam into small squares and in the blue I cut a hole about the size of a quarter through which I knotted the embroidery cotton. I think using a large plastic ring like what I purchased for my Vintage Crocheted Shade Pulls would have worked fine too, but the blue fun foam is much more colorful. Into the green squares I stuck the needle so it will be easy to see and hopefully not so easy to lose!

Then I put everything into my handy dandy little box which is just perfect for carrying all this stuff to and from the library.

I also included extra needles, extra thread, my very favorite DMC needle threader which I LOVE, my own hoop and sample fabric that I will use to demonstrate the stitches. On top I left my glasses and scissors which I Must Not Forget but that I will surely need before heading to the library next week.

So there it is. I am very excited for the opportunity to share my love for needlework with these children. I will be sure to let you know how the class worked out and what I learned from it. Hopefully I will also have pictures of the finished book covers to share after the end of the class. It's always fun to see how other people's projects turn out, especially those of children.

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