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Friday, July 11, 2008

Hand Embroidered Notecards

Recently I showed you the Hand Embroidered Bookmark I made as a thank you for my hospitable cousin across the country. Using the same technique, I also stitched a set of embroidered notecards for the PTO auction and I thought you might enjoy seeing them too.

First I found the pattern I wanted to use and in this case I am almost certain it was another free pattern from Stitching Cards. But now that I try to find it on their website, I am not able to. I know it was from their site because I printed up stickers to put on the back of the cards with their copyright information on them to give proper credit to the designer.

Anyway, once I had chosen my design, I printed out the pricking chart, cut out appropriate size pieces of four different colors of card stock and stacked all five layers onto my pad, which can be something as simple as a few layers of fun foam. I happen to have a piercing pad for use with bobbin lace and that worked out great. I pricked all four copies of the design at one time using an extra long quilting straight pin with a large ball on the top.

Then came the fun part...choosing the floss colors. I decided to use all the same colors on each card, only I mixed them up a little so each card would be unique. Then I started stitching and here is what I ended up with...

This is the card done on purple card stock.

Here is the one done on blue.

This one is done on yellow which is why it looks so washed out. My scanner didn't really like the yellow I guess!

And this is the last one, done on pink.

After the stitching was complete, I adhered the stitched card stock to purchased 5 by 7 plain notecards using permanent double sided scrapbooking adhesive. I then glued very narrow lengths of ribbon the same color as the 5 by 7 cards over the edges of the colored card stock to give a more finished appearance. Once the glue was dry, I trimmed the ribbon even with the edges of the cards and they were ready to go.

This whole project didn't take me any longer than about a week, working on it a little at a time as my time permitted. I thought the cards turned out to be very attractive and certainly something I would use to write a nice note to a special friend or send for a special occasion. Try one and you'll see! Happy stitching!

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  • Hi!
    I'm pretty sure you got this from www.cardinspirations-usa.com.

    I'm enjoying sampling your blog. :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At November 26, 2008 at 6:27 AM  

  • Hello Ruut! Thank you for correcting me :) You are so right! I DID get that pattern from Card Inspirations. I had a few of the free designs from Stitching Cards so I assumed this was from there too.

    Card Inspirations has lots of beautiful designs too, and Stitching Cards is one of their sponsors.

    Glad you like peeking into my website!


    By Blogger Mary Grace McNamara, At November 26, 2008 at 8:33 AM  

  • i just adore those cards..... and your quilt with all your quilting friends hanging around... how exciting.... i'm a late bloomer with this blogging business.. i'm just learning how...but its so exciting going and so many folks sharing there work and ideas and inspiring so many others .. i hope i one day can learn this and maybe be able to impress someone like you have impressed me. thanks so much

    By Blogger rainbowlory, At March 27, 2012 at 3:23 AM  

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