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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

School Colors Knit Hat Finished

Well if I had known the hat was going to be finished by the time I woke up the morning after posting the original School Colors Knit Hat the other day, I would have waited and included the finished product! My daughter is a fast knitter! So here it is...

This pattern is from one of those little booklets you find in your favorite yarn department hanging off the front of the yarn shelves. I will post that information in a few days when I have access to All My Stuff once again.

The original hat pattern calls for a longer body so that there is enough to turn up the rim, but Elizabeth discovered that most of the band kids did not like the turned-up rim so she knits her hats just long enough to cover the head and forehead. She keeps one hat whose exact dimensions she knows for the kids to try on, then they can tell her if they want their hat longer or shorter than the sample. As I mentioned in the previous post, she has herself quite a little niche market and has done quite well since her freshman year selling these hats to her friends in the band. I think she might keep it up once she starts college to help with spending money or paying for books and the like. I'm anxious to see what colors she will be using then!

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