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Sunday, July 13, 2008

School Colors Knit Hat

My older daughter has grown up watching me do just about every kind of needlework imaginable. So it was only natural that she would want me to teach her when she was ready. When she was about seven years old, she worked her first counted cross stitch piece. Not too long after that, she sewed her first pillow and shortly after that she picked up knitting needles and was on her way! Knitting and crocheting seem to be her favorites. Since she joined the high school band in her freshman year, she has filled a need for her band mates while also helping to fund her sophomore band trip to Disney and save money for college. This is what she spends her summers making...

It's a knit hat pattern that I first was introduced to by my mother-in-law shortly after she taught me how to knit. That seems like a lifetime ago. It is a simple knit two/purl two rib pattern, but the knit stitches are worked into the back side of the stitch instead of the front. This makes the ribbing even more elastic than usual. After working the body of the hat as long as desired, a simple decrease is done to the crown and the hat is finished off.

Elizabeth works these hats using Red Heart worsted weight yarn in royal blue, black and white which are her school colors and the colors of the marching band uniform. During football season the band plays at every home football game and many of their away games. They also participate in quite a few band competitions which go well into fall. So the warm knit hats are a welcome addition to the official band uniform. She sells them for $10 each and cannot keep up with the demand. Every summer she knits as many as she possibly can, and by the time the first cold Friday night football game rolls around, they are all taken and many of the kids are left empty handed, or empty headed!

Each hat is knit in an original stripe design that Elizabeth makes up as she goes along so every hat is unique. The band looks great sitting in the stands playing their pep music during the games wearing their one-of-a-kind hand knit hats.

I'll post some pictures of her current hat collection for this fall and the pattern source in a few days.

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