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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summer Inspiration -- What do you see?

Today is our second day back from a vacation that was picture perfect, weather wise and otherwise. It is also the second day of stinking hot and humid summer weather here at home. I have just one word to say about this kind of weather -- YUK! But the summer does bring with it some things that are really only good because of the hot weather. One such thing, in my mind anyway, is fresh, juicy, refreshing watermelon.

Today I cut open the whole watermelon I purchased at our local grocery store and instead of cutting it long ways like I usually do, for some reason I cut it short ways right through the round middle. This is what greeted me from inside this big round juicy piece of fruit...

I know that 3s are very prevalent in nature and I know that cutting fruits and vegetables to expose a cross section will usually reveal something beautiful and fascinating. But I had never before noticed any kind of design on the inside of a watermelon. I thought this one was particularly interesting with its three sections of perfectly formed curly-Qs with three seeds at the end of each.

I got to thinking that this design would make a lovely embroidered medallion on a pocket or a handkerchief. Or perhaps repeated many times into a pretty little beaded edging on a tote bag or purse. It would even be a nice design to stitch into square or six-sided quilt blocks.

Now that I have pondered this, I think I just might have to work something up using this simple design gift of nature. What do you see in this design? Any other ideas of how it could be used in your needlework?

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