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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Children's Embroidery Class -- (Almost) Finished Projects

The last session of the Children's Embroidery Class I taught at our local library is finished and I have some pictures of the embroidered denim book covers that the five girls stitched. Not all of them are complete, but they will be able to finish them off at home and have their very own hand stitched book cover to use and show off. I think they are all proud of their efforts, as they should be.

Since this was my first time teaching a group class like this, I learned a few things along the way. One of them, and I think the most important, is that it is imperative to schedule enough time in the class so that the students can practice their stitches on a practice sampler before working them on the project fabric. We did not have enough time in the four 1-hour sessions of this class to do that, and I think some of the finished pieces reflect that. Still I think they were all happy with what they did.

Take a look --

This is Amber's book cover which she will finish at home with the rest of the blanket stitch edging. Amber seemed to enjoy herself and was a lot of fun to have in the class. Once she got the hang of the chain stitch sun outline, she did a very nice job on that. I wouldn't be too surprised to see Amber continue doing some creative things with embroidery now that she's had a little taste of it. She said this was her very first ever attempt at embroidery. Good job Amber!

This is Joclyn's book cover which she will also finish at home. As long as Joclyn kept her needle threaded, she did a great job on her piece. She liked my DMC needle threader so much that she went out after the first class and bought her own! Joclyn's stitches, as you can see, are quite small and even. Her rainbow turned out quite nice. Her chain stitch sun and outline stitch clouds are also very nice. Joclyn stitched a little "J" in the sun too. Nicely done Joclyn!

Here is Lauren's book cover. Lauren picked up all the stitches very quickly and did a nice job on all of them. I like how she worked her little straight stitches in the rainbow almost horizontally and the little bit of a different look that gives to the rainbow. Lauren used her time well between the third and fourth classes which were almost a week apart. She cut up an old pair of jeans and designed a bag for herself with a flap on it and a shoulder strap. She sewed it up by hand and did some creative embroidery designs on it too. I wish I had thought to take a picture of that too so you could see just how creative Lauren is. Keep it up Lauren!

This book cover was done by Melissa. Once she saw each stitch done, Melissa got it and went to work. She was the first to complete her cover. Melissa discovered that l - o - n - g stitches take much less time to work than short stitches do! Very clever! She stitched her initials on her cover too.

And last is Sarah's book cover. With some help from her mom, Sarah did a nice job on her piece and I think was happy with the finished product. Sarah did most of the chain stitch sun outline one her own and I think she did quite well. Good job Sarah!

So there they are, the finished book covers from my very first Children's Embroidery Class at the library. I had a good time doing this and will hopefully do more of the same in the future. Of course that all depends on the budget of the library since they did reimburse me for my expenses, thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Library.

It was nice to be able to pass on a skill/artform/talent to interested young people so that they can hopefully experience the same pleasure from it that I have enjoyed for most of my life. Perhaps someday they will pass it on again. Now that would be rewarding!

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