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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hand Embroidered Card

Swimming lessons have finally ended for the summer. Boo hoo! My two little ones love their swimming lessons and this summer my little Gracie became especially attached to her teacher Lindsey. I was able to get a nice picture of them together and wanted to give Lindsey a copy since she would be leaving shortly for college, so I didn't have too much time to get it done before she would be gone. I quickly made it into a card and did a little hand embroidery on it.

I asked Gracie, who is 3, what she wanted it to say and this is what she told me: I love Lindsey, my favorite teacher. Love Gracie.

So that is what it says!

Hand Embroidered CardI gathered my supplies: leftover Perle cotton from my recent Children's Embroidery Class, card stock, scissors, straight pin, embroidery needle, my favorite needle threader, my pricking mat, cute picture, printed words for card and a piece of scrap paper. On the scrap paper, I made dots to use as a guide for pricking holes in the card stock with the straight pin, into which I embroidered three flowers.

Hand Embroidered CardOnce I pricked the holes into the card stock, I removed the scrap paper and stitched three red flowers using Lazy Daisy Stitch. Then I worked a little yellow French Knot in the middle of each. I also stitched a purple running stitch around the picture after pricking evenly spaced holes through the picture and the card stock. I used double stick tape to adhere the picture to the card stock first so it would stay put while I stitched.

Hand Embroidered CardI also worked three green Lazy Daisy stitches into the four corners of the paper with the words on it and a little yellow French Knot, just to dress it up a little.

Hand Embroidered CardThis is a detail of the red flowers. You can also see the purple running stitch along the bottom edge of the picture.

Hand Embroidered CardI used double stick tape to adhere the purple card to a piece of yellow card stock, then I trimmed the edges so just about a quarter inch of the yellow showed around the edges. Besides being a nice frame for the purple, the yellow paper also served to cover up the stitches on the back of the purple. And it was finished! Very quick and easy, using supplies I had on hand and making a nice keepsake for Gracie's favorite swim teacher, Lindsey.

I also put the card into a plastic page protector so it would not get any stray water drops on it at the pool. I was not able to see Lindsey the day I left the card for her, so I didn't get permission to show her picture on my website. Hence the blurred faces. But I'm sure she wouldn't mind too much that I showed how the card was made.

Do you have any clever quick ideas for making something nice for someone?

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