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Saturday, September 20, 2008

100th Post Give-Away -- Round 2

Time's up. I had to do another drawing for the second beaded scissor fob since I did not hear back from the other winner. My other favorite little helper mixed up the pile of papers and picked one with her sticky breakfast fingers. And the winner of the Red Beaded Scissor Fob is...

Name Drawing
...Mary Corbet from our favorite embroidery website Needle 'n Thread! Congratulations Mary! I know how much you like accessories!

I'll get Jane's purple and Mary's red scissor fobs packaged up this weekend and mailed out to them.

Thank you again to all who participated in this give-away. It was fun to hear comments from all of you and I hope you'll come back often.

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  • WOW. Lucky me!! You know, in all my life, I think it's the first time I've ever won anything in a drawing.

    I have packages to prepare today for mailing, too - I'm a bit behind on getting my recent give-aways out, but they're going out Monday, with a little "extra" in each package to make up for my delinquency!

    In fact, in yours (the felt book, remember?) I've got two little extra things. They both have to do with knitting, but I don't knit, so I figure you can use them. One is a darling - and I mean, darling - pattern for a knitted baby beret that I bought at a shop in South Carolina last summer. Now, if you can knit that beret, I'll be Really Impressed! I couldn't even read the pattern.

    But then, I don't knit!

    I'm a great lover of accessories, that's true.

    In fact, it's almost an addiction.

    Thanks, Mary Grace!


    By Blogger Mary Corbet, At September 20, 2008 at 9:46 AM  

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