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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What to Do With Leftover Craft Stuff

Do you sometimes feel like you're swimming in leftovers from all the crafts you have done? I know I sure do. My sister sent me a link to this website called Craft Leftovers recently so I checked it out. Kristen is quite a crafty young lady and she has put together a fun and creative site where she shares her ideas for using up craft leftovers. She even has lots of free patterns for her projects.

I love the Scruby Bumpy Face Cloth she just posted recently. At first I thought I was looking at my Basketweave afghan, since it is similar in color and stitch design. But this face cloth is made with recycled yarn from an old sweater and is knitted in a stitch pattern that Kristin made up herself. In the PDF file she provides with the pattern, she also shares her trick for weaving in the ends of cotton yarn. Very clever!

And if you're wondering how to recycle yarn from an old sweater, Kristin tells you all the steps for getting lots of usable yarn yardage from old sweaters. She has good information and lots of diagrams to help with the process. After seeing the picture of all the yarn she salvaged from one sweater, I am thinking that I will have to try this myself!

Kristin has patterns for knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery and even some 'no sew' projects. I was poking through each section and found a few that I really like: In knitting, the bumpy face cloth is my favorite, but the Lady Moss Mittens look pretty nice too. In crochet, I have bookmarked the Welcome All crocheted welcome mat. I will have to try that! It's hard to decide what I like best in the sewing section because Kristin has designed quite a few bags, but Lainie's Tote would have to get my vote for the cutest.

If you visit the store on Kristin's site, you will see that she has available for purchase some items from her own stash and kits that include what you need to work up her own designs. She also offers a monthly Craft Leftover subscription that includes all kinds of neat stuff plus her own 10 page zine with tips and project cards and other information unique to each month's issue.

So next time you are overwhelmed by your own Craft Leftovers, go visit Kristin's Craft Leftovers site and get inspired to create great things with what you have!

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