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Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Goodies in the Mailbox - Denver Fabrics

Look what George the mailman left on the porch for me...

Tote Bag Fabric from Denver Fabrics
It's the fabric I recently ordered from one of my favorite online fabric stores Denver Fabrics. With it I plan to make a tote bag just like my own very favorite tote bag I use for everything, which just happens to be the very same tote bag pattern I used for the Angel Swap tote bag I recently sent to Lyn in Australia.

Are you getting the idea that I LOVE this tote bag pattern? Good, because I do!

Anyway, I showed my sister the Angel tote bag before sending it down under and she just loved it. She said she would love to have one just like that one, but I questioned whether that would be appropriate considering she's a nun whose every article of clothing and every accessory is basic black. I suggested perhaps something besides the blue denim and blue and pink paisley of the Angel tote bag. Perhaps something a bit more ... uh ... well ... Black! She agreed that would probably be better.

So what do you think? There's the black in the middle, then there's black and white gingham on the right, and then the black, white, pink and green paisley on the left. I just HAD to throw in a tiny bit of Color. Just had to. I don't think she'll mind.

The basic black will be the body of the bag. The paisley will be the lining and perhaps the outside pockets. I had planned on using the gingham for the outside pockets, but after looking at it for just about 10 seconds or so, my eyes started doing some pretty funky things - you know, that wiggly, wavy sort of vertigo-like sensation you get when you look at certain designs and color patterns? We don't need to induce that in the local nuns, or anybody else for that matter! So I'll probably use the gingham for the trim on the handles and around the pockets like I used the paisley on the outside of the Angel tote bag.

I am also planning to do some pockets on the inside, with little sections stitched into them and maybe even a hidden zippered pocket inside the lining of the zippered extension. She is my sister after all and I need to make sure it's as fancy and functional as possible.

Don't you just love bags? I love having them and making them and using them. A bag for every occasion!

Happy Stitching!

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  • Great fabrics - they'll make a nice bag for your sister! I know what you mean about the gingham - just looking at it for more than a second or two makes it start to jump around, LOL.

    By Blogger Sandra :), At October 30, 2008 at 2:17 PM  

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