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Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Goodies in the Mailbox - Plumcute Needlekeeper

Not too long ago I was the lucky winner of the original Stitcher's Angel Needlekeeper designed by Tracy at Plumcute Designs. It arrived in the mail looking like this:

Plumcute Needlekeeper PackageI knew what it was before I opened it, but I was still excited to open it! I love the packaging, and Tracy wrote a very nice note inside that pretty card. I opened the package and look what I found...

Plumcute NeedlekeeperThe very same wool, buttoned, blanket stitched heart layered, ric rac hung needlekeeper that is shown on Tracy's website. It is so simple, but so practical. Once I remove a needle from its original packaging, it never goes back. Sometimes it ends up stuck into the end of a spool of thread. Sometimes I am not sure where it goes. But now I have a nice home for all my working needles. I have pinned it up on the bulletin board that is hanging on the wall over my sewing machine. Now I won't ever have to misplace a needle again. Thanks Tracy! I love it!

After looking it over and re-reading the directions Tracy provided on her website, I was thinking these would be quick and easy little items to make in assembly line fashion for the holiday fair at our local school. The kids would love to buy these as gifts for their mothers or grandmothers or big sisters. So now I'm scouting through all my fabric and old clothes for materials to use to make a bunch of these. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Happy Stitching!

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