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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Angel Swap Gifts from Norway

Last week I received a nice email from May Kristin in Norway revealing herself as my Secret Stitcher's Angel Swap gift giver. She wanted me to know that my gifts were on their way across the ocean and that I had not been forgotten.

George the mailman made me very happy today, leaving a wonderful little bundle of handmade love from Norway in my mailbox. I couldn't wait to open it. I even turned off the stove and made everyone wait for dinner so I could open it! Take a peek with me and see just how much May Kristin spoiled me.

Angel Swap Gifts from NorwayDon't you just love wrapped packages? I like to think of them as Pretty Packages of Potential!

Angel Swap Gifts from NorwayThe first item May Kristin worked so beautifully is the cutest little drawstring bag with the cutest little hand embroidered angel. The fabrics are gorgeous with the layers quilted together, and the coolest wooden beads on the drawstrings. May Kristin must have known how much I love bags! There really is no such thing as Too Many Bags!

Angel Swap Gifts from NorwayHere's a close-up of that friendly little angel with her big happy smile and her poofy hairdo, fancy dress, skinny little legs, super shoes and pretty heart shaped flower in her hands. Entirely too cute and every stitch is perfect!

Angel Swap Gifts from NorwayThen I opened a lovely little needle book with a cheerful buttonhole stitched flower on the front of it. The center of the flower is satin stitched perfectly which I admire so much because that is one stitch I never mastered.

Angel Swap Gifts from NorwayInside the needle book are two pages of felt and on the back are two little pockets for holding handy little helpers like the tape measure that May Kristin included. I think my favorite needle threader will go in the other pocket.

Angel Swap Gifts from NorwayThis pin cushion is just the neatest thing. It has these 5 points that stick up with that pretty red flower button in the middle...just the most clever design I've seen for a pin cushion. I also found a little ring pin cushion in the package which is the little blue heart on the left. It slips on a finger like a ring for easy pinning. Very clever!

Angel Swap Gifts from NorwayThis is the underside of the 5 pointed pin cushion. I love the fabrics and the buttons May Kristin used. This pin cushion will definitely have a place on my sewing table. I've actually not had a pin cushion for about 20 years, and my last one was one of those inexpensive tomato shaped things from Walmart or somewhere. This one was definitely worth holding out for!

Angel Swap Gifts from NorwayMay Kristin must have been poking around my website because she knew I also enjoy knitting and crocheting and so kindly included two skeins of sock yarn for me. I have actually never knitted socks but have wanted to attempt a pair for quite some time. Now that I have the yarn, I really have no excuse for putting it off. You can be sure I'll let you know how I do with it!

Angel Swap Gifts from NorwayAlong with all the handmade goodies and the yarn, May Kristin also wrote a lovely note to me and included her website address which I will add to my following list. I need to keep an eye on this crafty lady!

I just cannot think of enough ways to say thank you to May Kristin for taking the time to stitch such beautiful things for me. I certainly hope we run into each other in a future swap or exchange.

Speaking of exchanges, a few days ago I posted my Pay It Forward exchange and am still looking for someone to take me up on the challenge. I know my Angel Swap friend from Australia, Lyn, is already making something for me, but I can't Pay It Forward unless someone signs up. Please don't make me feel guilty accepting Lyn's gift! If you can't do it, please pass on the information to others who might be able to. Thanks!

Happy Stitching!

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