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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mystery Quilt Project Begun!

On one of the blogs I follow, Myra's Tactile Pleasures in Fabric, Myra reminded me of a Mystery Quilt Project that had started up a few weeks earlier and which I had forgotten about. The first post about it gave information on what fabrics would be needed and the amounts of each. You can find that post on a different Myra's blog called Blue Meadow Designs, but you'll have to go to the October archives and scroll down to the October 6th post.

Anyway, Myra of Blue Meadow Designs says that the finished project will be a small table square measuring 24 1/2 inches and it's called Criss-Cross Applesauce. That name conjured up images of fall and leaves and apples and warm colors in my mind, so this is what I picked out for my fabrics...

Mystery Quilt Fabric

Now I can move on to the next installment which can be found in Myra's October 11th post. In this step, she tells how to cut the fabric. That seems a bit frightening to me without knowing how it's going to be put back together. But I guess this is the beauty of coming into a mystery project after most of the instructions have already been revealed!

If you are interested in doing this project, you can just look through Blue Meadow Designs and find the other two posts with instructions on this project. The next one is on October 26 showing how to assemble some of the blocks. The fourth installment is on November 3rd showing more of the assembly.

Around November 10th Myra will reveal the final step in the project and then your mystery will be solved. How fun!

Post a comment here if you are participating in this or any other mystery project so we can all see your mystery revealed. Also please let me know if you hear of any other mystery projects like this so I can share them with my readers and perhaps participate in them as well. I love a good mystery!

Happy Stitching!

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