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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Mystery Quilt Project -- Third Installment Done

I really want to be all caught up when the last installment of the Mystery Quilt Project from Blue Meadow Designs comes out soon. I have finished the third installment now and I think I like how it is turning out.

After cutting all the fabric according to the instructions, I started putting them back together. Here are the Nine Patch Blocks and the Border Blocks for the Criss-Cross Applesauce Mystery Quilt Project.

Mystery Quilt BlocksIn the instructions, Myra included colored graphics to help make the directions easier to understand. I took my numbering system that I used when I cut the fabric and wrote the corresponding numbers on the graphics so that I could match my fabrics with the colors on the graphics. That made it much easier to get the right fabrics together instead of having to rely on the descriptions. So the purple in the graphic was numbered 3 (my green fabric), the yellow was numbered 2 (my tan leaves fabric), the green was numbered 4 (my gold fabric) and the flower print was numbered 1 (my red paisley fabric).

You can see in the above picture that I now have some Nine Patch Blocks made out of the green and tan fabrics, numbers 3 and 2 respectively. And I also have some Border Blocks made out of the gold and red paisley fabrics, numbers 4 and 1 respectively.

If I follow the instructions correctly, I should be able to continue using my numbering system throughout this Mystery Project to keep my fabrics straight.

Next time I'll show you the four corner blocks assembled and share with you a little problem I had with my numbering system. Or maybe it was a problem with the instructions? We'll see.

Happy Stitching!

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