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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Update on Upholstery Fabric Pile and Pay It Forward Reminder

The pile of donated fabric doesn't look too much different than it did when I first showed it to you the other day, even though I have made 9 tote bags and 2 pillows! That's when you know you have Too Much Fabric!

I already showed you the first 5 tote bags and the 2 pillows. I am hoping today to get another several bags cut out and sewn up and tonight I will take some pictures so I can show them to you tomorrow.

This mad sewing rush has thrown my posting schedule completely out of whack since I have not had one minute to work on anything besides that pile of fabric. I do apologize for that. But I've been having fun with it, mixing and matching the fabrics and thinking of fun ways to sew pillow covers and bags. I did try an idea I had for a bag the other day. That experiment took me several hours and did not work out to be usable in the end. So I decided just to stick with the basic tote bag for now so I can get as many made before Saturday as possible. I'll experiment more when I have the luxury of time.

I also wanted to remind you of my Pay It Forward exchange that I put out there not too long ago. Lyn in Australia is already making me something because I was the first one to sign up for her PIF exchange. Now I need three handy and generous people to sign up for mine so I can make them something special sometime in the next year. The only catch is that they must post the same exchange on their website and make something for three other people within the next year who would then do the same thing. And it just keeps on going. I hope it does anyway. It would be kind of sad if this leg of the PIF exchange died with me. How embarrassing!

So check out my PIF post which you can find here and if you feel like being generous to three other people in the next year, leave a comment on that post so I can start thinking of something nice to make for you. It would be my pleasure!

Now back to the sewing room. I promise pictures next time!

Happy Stitching!

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