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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Appliqued, Embroidered and Beaded Merry Christmas Wall Hanging

When my husband and I first married, we both worked full time and he also went to school at night so I spent most every evening by myself in our little one bedroom basement apartment. Of course I had plenty to keep myself busy with all my handwork. Back then, it was more contained though. One project at a time and no big stash in a sewing room to pick through and get inspiration from. How things change in 26 years! Now the sewing room I have is probably bigger than the kitchen we had in that little apartment. And my work area outside my sewing room is probably bigger than the whole apartment! Of course that apartment was perfect for us at the time.

Anyway, one of my projects that kept me company was a Dimensions Felt and Sequin Appliqué wall hanging kit that took me many months to complete. It is still one of my favorite decorations to hang in the house each year and it has a special place in the front hall.

Appliqued and Beaded Merry Christmas Wall HangingHere it is in all its glory! Isn't that just plain cheerful? Every piece of felt was cut and stitched and embroidered. Every little sequin was sewn on and secured with a little glass bead on top.

Appliqued and Beaded Merry Christmas Wall HangingSanta is such a jolly looking guy with his rosy cheeks showing over his fluffy white mustache.

Appliqued and Beaded Merry Christmas Wall HangingI love the uncomplicated lines of the background embroidery, all done in simple outline or stem (I can never tell the difference but I know there is one!), satin and straight stitches in white.

Appliqued and Beaded Merry Christmas Wall HangingThere are a few little French knots inside the round berries.

Appliqued and Beaded Merry Christmas Wall HangingThe snowflakes on the background are done with lazy daisy stitch along with some straight stitches and clear glass beads for sparkle. The Merry Christmas writing is also in either outline or stem stitch with white embroidery floss.

I hand stitched the white rick rack around the entire piece, and then I backed the whole thing with another piece of red felt that I purchased myself, attaching it by whip stitching around the edge using red sewing thread. On the backing piece before I attached it, I embroidered my name and the year I completed the piece...1984!

I hope Santa visits your home tonight and leaves you something nice!

Happy Stitching!

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