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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Learn to Knit -- Farrow Rib Stitch

Here's another fun and easy knit stitch to add to your collection. It's called Farrow Rib and I used it recently on another Oddball Baby Blanket named Cotton Candy. When I show you the completed blanket, you'll see how it got that name. But that will have to wait until I give you the crocheted border pattern!

Knit Farrow Rib Stitch on Cotton Candy Oddball BlanketHere's what Farrow Rib looks like. Pretty, isn't it? It forms a very soft fabric that is the same on both sides, which is one reason I like it for a blanket.

I knitted the last section of Cotton Candy in the same Bernat Softee Baby Soft Lilac yarn with which I had crocheted the scallop border of Tutti Frutti. You've all seen purple cotton candy, haven't you?

Here is the pattern for the Farrow Rib Stitch so you can try it yourself in your next knitting project.

Farrow Rib Stitch

Works on multiples of three plus one stitches.

Row 1: (K2, P1) across the row to the last stitch, K1.
Row 2: P1, (K2, P1) across.
Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for pattern.

I'll show you the completed Cotton Candy blanket soon along with close-ups of the border pattern I made up for it. Of course I'll share the pattern too so you can use it if you want to. I have begun knitting the last section of another blanket called Citrus Sunshine and I'll share that with you when it is complete. Then I will be taking a break from the oddball blankets for a little while so I can focus on finishing up some of my own projects like the wedding gift afghan and my Pay It Forward gifts. And of course I will be bringing you more Tunisian Crochet stitches shortly and a fun pattern for a dishcloth that you will be whipping up for yourself and for gifts all year long!

Happy Stitching!

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