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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Traditional Granny Square Pattern and Pictures

After looking at my recent post on how to make the Traditional Granny Square, I realized a couple of things. First is that I had neglected to provide the written pattern for the square. What was I thinking? If you continue reading, you will find the pattern written out for you to save and use as you like.

The other thing I realized is that you may not always want to make a granny square with a change of yarn after each row. So tomorrow I will give you a short video showing a different method of crocheting a Traditional Granny Square using the same yarn throughout. In the meantime, here is a piece of handwork you might enjoy seeing...

Traditional Granny Square AfghanThis is a very old granny square afghan crocheted with pink and green squares and a black border. This was made either by my grandmother or my Auntie, and I am very sorry to say I don't know which. Perhaps my dear mother could shed some light on that for me. I will have to remember to ask her in case she doesn't read this post! This is the afghan that made me realize that you might not want to change colors on each round and it might be helpful to see how to continue in the same color.

Traditional Granny Square Afghan close-upThese blocks were bordered in black, continuing the pattern of clusters instead of a single-crochet border like I showed on my video. Once all the blocks were whip-stitched together (which I will be showing you later), the entire afghan was trimmed with two rows of the same clusters, then the decorative scallop border. Every stitch on this afghan is perfect and, despite having all the holes characteristic of the Traditional Granny Square afghan, it is quite warm and cozy.

Here is the crochet pattern for the
Traditional Multi-color Granny Square:

The video tutorial can be found HERE.

Remember to stitch over beginning and ending yarn tails to save time later.

Chain 6. Join with slip stitch in first chain. (If you find the center hole too big using 6 chains, try using only 5.)

Round 1:
(Chain 3. Work 2 dc in ring) This forms a beginning cluster.
Chain 2. (Work 3 dc) This forms a cluster.
(Chain 2. Work cluster) 2 more times.
Chain 2. Join with slip stitch into top of first chain-3. Cut yarn and pull through.

Round 2:
Join next color with slip stitch in any corner.
Work beginning cluster, chain 2, work cluster in same corner.
(Chain 1. In next corner work cluster, chain 2, work cluster) 3 more times.
Chain 2. Join with slip stitch into top of first chain-3. Cut yarn and pull through.

Next round:
Join next color same as before.
Work each subsequent round as before, working 1 cluster in all chain-1 spaces, 2 chains between clusters at corners and 1 chain between all other clusters until square is as big as you like.

For single crochet border, join with slip stitch in any chain-1 space. Chain 1. Single crochet into same stitch and each stitch and chain 1 space around. In chain 2 corners, work 4 single crochets. Join with slip stitch to beginning single crochet. Cut yarn and pull through.

Tomorrow I'll be bringing you the video and written pattern for a one-color Traditional Granny Square, and then be on the look-out for a video on a Solid Granny Square. I'm not talking about solid color, but a granny square with No Holes! It's one of my favorites!

Happy Stitching!

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