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Friday, February 6, 2009

Vanna's Choice Contest Entry - Knitted Colorful Rings Tube Scarf

Those of you who are knitters or crocheters may already have heard of the contest that Lion Brand Yarn is sponsoring featuring Vanna's Choice yarns. I wrote about it here in early January, and I submitted my own entry well before the deadline. I had only heard about it myself just a short time before that, and was disappointed that I did not have more time to work up a few baby blankets or a full size afghan to submit. But I did what I could and I was pleased with the result. Let's hope the judges will be too!

Vanna's Choice Contest Entry - Knitted Colorful Rings Tube ScarfYou may recognize the pattern that I used. It's the same as my Dr. Seuss Special Olympics scarf that I knitted in Red Heart Delft Blue and White, except for this scarf has the rings spaced evenly from one end of the scarf to the other, the colors are different and I put big fluffy pom poms at each end!

Vanna's Choice Contest Entry - Knitted Colorful Rings Tube ScarfHere's one of the pictures I submitted to the judges. My son laughed when he saw it. He said it looked like the scarf was a person sitting with crossed legs. I didn't have the heart to tell him that was exactly the point of putting it that way for the picture!

Vanna's Choice Contest Entry - Knitted Colorful Rings Tube ScarfSo what do you think? A prize winner? My older daughter and I are already making plans for the prize money, and of course looking forward to the trip to Hollywood to schmooze with Vanna on the set of Wheel of Fortune! Wouldn't that be just a boatload of FUN? I know not to get my hopes too high though, because I've seen some of the other entries for this contest. Lots of beautiful afghans and sweaters and other handmade things have been sent in to the judges. What struck me most about the entries I have seen is how nice the color combinations are. But when you have such nice colors as Vanna's Choice yarns to choose from, it's not that hard to come up with some great combinations.

Here's my original pattern for the Knitted Colorful Rings Tube Scarf:

Colorful Rings Tube Scarf
Original design by Mary Grace McNamara
Copyright 2009

Finished size: 76 inches by 4 inches


  • Vanna's Choice worsted weight yarn: 4.5 oz white, 2 oz each magenta, fern, terracotta, colonial blue
  • Size 10 1/2 straight or circular knitting needles
  • Blunt point darning needle

NOTE: Leave a tail about 10 inches long at each color change. This tail will be used later to sew the seam.

With white, cast on 22.

Beginning with a Knit row, work 12 rows in stockinette stitch.

* Change to next color.
K 1 row even.
K in front and back of each stitch across, doubling the number of stitches. (44 stitches)
Beginning with Purl row, work 6 rows reverse stockinette stitch, ending with K row.

Change to white.
K2tog across. (22 stitches)
Beginning with P row, work 13 rows stockinette stitch, ending with P row.*

Continue working from * to *, in the color pattern of your choice, until 16 colorful rings have been knit.

For last white section, K2tog across. (22 stitches)
Beginning with P row, work 11 rows stockinette stitch. Bind off knitwise.

Using the darning needle and the tails from each color change, stitch the two long raw edges together using mattress stitch. Weave in ends after each section is sewn together.

Make two pom poms from all colors of yarn in the scarf and attach them to each end of the scarf.

I think this scarf pattern would look great in any color combination. Using neon colors for the rings and black for the tube would make quite a statement, or soft pastels with off white, or even a simple two color combination...any of these would make a fun and funky scarf! If you decide to knit one up, please send me a picture. I would love to see what You come up with!

Happy Stitching!

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