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Thursday, March 26, 2009

More Tunisian Short Row Dishcloths

I'm officially HOOKED! I admit it! I can't get enough of this worsted weight cotton yarn! It feels good to work with. It comes in such pretty solids and variegated combinations. These cloths work up so fast and pretty. They are the perfect take-along project. And they make the perfect little gift for any occasion. Right now I am making some for the high school PTO fundraiser that is coming up next week, but then I will be making more for other fundraisers and gift giving occasions.

Here's what I made last night while sitting through the high school band booster meeting for updating the by-laws...I was glad I had something to keep my hands busy!

Green and Blue Tunisian Short Row DishclothsThe cloth on the left is made with Sugar'n Cream Green Twists yarn which is a 4 ply yarn made up of 2 plies off white, 1 ply very pale mint green, and 1 ply sage green. I love the look of the twist yarns. That is the one I made during last night's very tedious meeting. At least I was productive!

Green and Blue Tunisian Short Row DishclothsThe cloth on the right is made using Sugar'n Cream Country Side Ombre which is a variegated of blue, purple, sage green, and grey. It looks kind of dark, but is really quite striking in person. I like it.

The solid ball of yarn pictured with the two cloths above is Sage Green, which is one of my favorite decorating colors. I am going to make two of the Tunisian Short Row dishcloths out of this color, one to go with the Green Twists and one to go with the Country Side Ombre. Then with the leftovers of each color, I am going to make one of the woven hotpads combining the Green Twists with the Sage Green, and one combining the Country Side Ombre with the Sage Green. So I will have two sets, each with two dishcloths and a woven hotpad. Those should look nice tucked into the kitchen gift baskets for the auction.

Daisy Ombre Tunisian Short Row DishclothThis is the cloth I started working on last week when I had to bring my daughter to get her finger x-rayed. She actually did break it and she must keep it in a simple splint for 4 weeks so it can heal. No time off school or work for her though! She just keeps on plugging away! She even continues to work on her own crochet project each evening and is making great progress on a full size zig-zag afghan that she is making for herself. I'll show pictures of that soon.

You might recognize the yarn I used for this cloth as one of the variegated yarn leftovers I used up when making my first woven hotpad the other day. It's called Daisy Ombre and it is just two colors, bright sunshine yellow with bright white. Very cheerful!

Now I must get busy with my cotton and my crochet hook. It's been about 10 hours since I worked my last stitch, and I do believe I am experiencing the beginnings of withdrawal! As addictions go, I suppose this one is not really SO bad!

Happy Stitching!

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