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Monday, April 6, 2009

Seaside Park Oddball Baby Blanket - Knitting Complete

It's another chilly dreary spring day here in New England, but the Oddball Baby Blanket I just finished knitting conjures up images of hot summer days sitting by the ocean. It's called Seaside Park and the knitters chose a blue, green or sandy color for each section.

Seaside Park Oddball Baby BlanketMy knit section is the green one on the top of the blanket. This shade of green reminds me of sea glass.

Seaside Park Oddball Baby BlanketI worked my section in alternating groups of stockinette and reverse stockinette stitch. This is a fun pattern to use for a scarf or hat too because it forms a sort of horizontal ribbing and causes the fabric to have quite a bit of spring in it.

If you have signed up on the Lion Brand website, which by the way is free and a fabulous source of free knit and crochet patterns, you will be able to view this pattern for a knitted Cowl or Hood which uses a similar stitch pattern to the one I used on this blanket. The only difference is that the hood is knitted in the round on circular needles and the blanket was knitted flat so I had to alternate knit rows and purl rows to get the stockinette and reverse stockinette sections to come out correctly.

I actually made this Hood pattern years ago and have used it on many occasions to keep myself toasty warm while watching late fall band competitions or football games. It was fun and easy to knit and can be used in several different ways to keep warm. Try it for yourself and see!

I'll be crocheting the border on Seaside Park too, using the leftover Colonial Blue Vanna's Choice yarn from my Colorful Rings Tube Scarf that I entered in Vanna's recent contest. I'm still waiting to receive my phone call from Vanna telling me I've won. I know she's busy crocheting and turning letters and all, so I'll give her a little more time! Oh boy, I crack myself up!

This is post number 299 so the next post here at Hooked On Needles will be announcing the winner of my 300th post giveaway. Be sure to watch for it. Perhaps it will be you!

Happy Stitching!

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