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Friday, May 29, 2009

Circular Baby Afghans - ?

Not having a good source for yarn or fabric near me for many years has forced me to find online shopping opportunities to fulfill my never ending desire for more and more and more yarn and fabric. One of my favorite places to browse for yarn and ideas is Mary Maxim, even if I'm not in the market for anything new. It's just a great place to look around and see what's out there, and every once in a while pick up a good bargain or two. Plus I love their yarn.

Today I found something on their website that I thought was quite interesting -- Circular Baby Afghans. I've been seeing the round sort of star shaped afghans in catalogs over the past few years, but these that I found today are being marketed specifically as baby blankets. They look a lot like doilies in that they have a design in the middle and lots of open space around the edges, but they are made with medium worsted weight yarn and a size 5mm or H/8 crochet hook and are big enough to be baby blankets.

Yellow Round Baby AfghanI don't know that I exactly like this style for a baby blanket. I think the shape would be a little awkward, and I have never liked hole-y patterns for little fingers and toes to get stuck in. Not very practical at all.

But I was thinking that these designs would not necessarily have to be used as baby blankets. Don't you think they would make lovely table toppers with a solid color fabric under them? They would be like a huge doily to put in the middle of a large table, or on the top of a small round table and let the edges hang down the sides.

White Round Baby AfghanWhen I was growing up, our dining room table was huge and round, big enough to seat 13 or 14 people every night for dinner. My mother made solid color round tablecloths which went on the table first, then she covered them with a cream colored round lace tablecloth. I always thought it looked so nice and fancy, even for our not-so-fancy dinners.

Blue Round Baby AfghanSo have you ever made one of those round afghans? I would be interested to hear how you like working the pattern and how you like using them once they are finished. What do you think of the worsted weight doily as a baby blanket? Something you'd consider making and giving as a gift, or not practical enough to bother? Inquiring minds want to know!

Happy Stitching!

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