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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Fun Mail Day - Kitchen Swap Gifts Arrived!

George the mailman has been a busy beaver here lately, picking up packages and dropping off goodies for me. Just the day after I found out that Adrienne had received her Kitchen Swap gifts from me, I received mine from her! Here's what she sent me...

My Kitchen Swap Gifts from AdrienneA lovely little card with lots of good wishes and sweet words, and something wrapped up in tissue paper...what could it be?

My Kitchen Swap Gifts from AdrienneThe smell reminded me of where I go about once a year for a pedicure, very relaxing. That came from a piece of handmade all-natural soap. I was feeling good already! Then I unfolded the cutest reversible apron! Just look at that fun fabric! Bubbles and Pears! There was also a cotton dishcloth, crocheted with the exact same yarn that I used to crochet the cloths I had sent to her! I think we have a mind thing going between us!

My Kitchen Swap Gifts from AdrienneSo one side of the apron was bubble fabric with pear pockets, and this side was pear fabric with a bubble pocket. The pockets on each side are different, so it really is like getting two different aprons in one! How clever! And a matching hotpad in a very cool and clever design to go with it!

Adrienne also included two recipes for us to try which both sound just delicious. I do love to bake, so the Apple Dapple Cake recipe is on my list of goodies to try. And the Ham Sandwich just sounds scrumptious for an easy summer dinner.

What a fun swap this was and many thanks go to Terri for hosting it and to Adrienne for being a fun swap partner!

Coming up soon, I'll have another video or two to share with you, and at least one more completed Oddball Baby Blanket too.

Happy Stitching!

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