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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Learn to Crochet - Chain 3 Scallop Border Video Tutorial

Recently I began working on my first Crocheted Oddball Blanket, this one called Butterfly Kisses. All the others I have worked on have been knitted blankets with a crocheted border, so this is a little bit different in that the blanket itself is crocheted and then it has a crocheted border. Another difference is that I get to collect the crocheted blankets and donate them to my local CareNet Center so some new moms will have little handmade blankets for their new babies.

Butterfly Kisses Single Crochet BorderAfter crocheting the last section of this blanket, I worked 3 rounds of single crochet around the whole thing.

Butterfly Kisses Single Crochet BorderI like how the 3 rounds of single crochet give the border a substantial base on which to sit, and it extends the border a little bit, allowing it to make more of a statement and finishing the blanket off nicely.

Here's a little video showing how I worked the very simple chain 3 scallop border on this blanket...

I hope you find these videos helpful. I know some people just learn better when they have someone sitting right there with them, and sometimes a video on the internet is the closest a person can get to that these days.

Here's the finished border:

Butterfly Kisses Crocheted Chain 3 Scallop BorderMy section was worked in Bernat Softee Baby Soft Lilac, just as the rest of the blanket was worked, in rows of double crochet. At the top you can see the 3 round of single crochet, then the last round of the Chain 3 Scallop border.

Crocheted Oddball Blanket Butterfly Kisses CompleteAnd here it is all finished and ready to be washed and delivered to some lucky new mom for her very special little baby.

Happy Stitching!

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