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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Progress on 9 Patch Pillow Children's Quilting Class Sample

I've made a little progress on the 9 patch block which will be the sample for the children's beginner quilting class I am doing at our local library later this summer. After choosing my fabrics and cutting them into 5 1/4 inch squares, I arranged them in what I thought was a pleasing way. It took me a while to get to this, but I like how it ended up. Good thing there were only 9 squares or I still wouldn't be at this point yet!

Marking the quarter inch on each squareThe squares are showing their wrong sides here, and you can see all my supplies gathered together. I love using my quilter's quarter for marking the seam line. No guess work involved!

I decided to put the white muslin square in the middle so I can quilt a pretty design or initial into it. I like for the children taking the class to be able to personalize their piece and I think initials are a nice way to do that.

Marking the quarter inch on each squareAnd here you can see the very fine pencil lines on each side of the squares. For the dark purple square, I used my white pencil which I first sharpened to a very fine point.

Next up, I'll be showing some of the details of how I hand piece my squares, so if this is something you have not done before, you might find it interesting.

Happy Stitching!

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