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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sweet Liberty Crocheted Blocks Complete!

The golf tournament is just over a month away, and I am making great progress towards my goal! Just less than two weeks ago, I showed you a peek at the blocks for the Sweet Liberty Crocheted Afghan which I am making for a raffle to help raise money for the PFC Jonathan Roberge Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Here is another peek at my progress to date...

Sweet Liberty Crocheted Afghan Blocks CompleteWhat you see here are two stacks of crocheted blocks, and in each stack there are 10 blocks! Yes, that's right! I finally finished all the blocks!

Sweet Liberty Crocheted Afghan Blocks CompleteI was able to consistently complete at least one block a day, and on some days as many as 2 1/2. Of course it didn't hurt that the past two weeks have been unusually cold and rainy, so we spent lots of time indoors!

Sweet Liberty Crocheted Afghan Blocks CompleteI threw this picture in just because I liked it!

Sweet Liberty Crocheted Afghan Blocks CompleteThis will be the arrangement of the blocks for the afghan. I will connect them to each other using the red yarn and my favorite method, which is single crochet, in a manner similar to strip quilting. HERE is a little tutorial showing that method.

After all the blocks are crocheted together, I will do several rounds of single crochet using the red and blue yarns, and then finish the afghan with a round of reverse single crochet in blue.

These crocheted star blocks have come together much faster than I had ever expected. This could be due to the fact that I found out the golf tournament was being held about 2 months earlier than I had thought! Nothing like working under pressure! But isn't it amazing how productive we can be when something really matters? I think this really matters.

Happy Stitching!

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