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Monday, July 20, 2009

Label Complete on Sweet Liberty Crocheted Afghan

The label for Sweet Liberty, the crocheted afghan which will be a raffle prize at an upcoming memorial golf tournament, is finally complete and attached. I will be delivering it to the family tonight, a full 11 days ahead of schedule!

Sweet Liberty LabelHere it is from the front...

Sweet Liberty Label...and here it is from the back, where you can see the label on the lower right hand corner.

Sweet Liberty LabelTo make the label, I used a piece of unbleached muslin and an extra fine point permanent marker. I printed out the words I wanted in a format and font that would be easy to trace, then I traced them onto the muslin, leaving enough fabric around the edges to turn them under for a finished edge. I pressed the muslin to set the ink, pressing the folded edges at the same time. Using off-white quilting thread, I stitched the label onto the afghan using the herringbone stitch.

The lucky person who wins this afghan will now always remember the reason it was crocheted and the sacrifice this family made.

Happy Stitching!

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