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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Patternworks Purchases

My purchases from Patternworks are what I am most excited about from our recent vacation in New Hampshire. Let me share them with you...

Patternworks PurchasesThis is how every package from Patternworks and Keepsake Quilting is finished, using a strip of fabric to tie up the bag! I have quite a collection of strips now!

Patternworks PurchasesThis is what my daughter bought for her own projects. She splurged on a skein of 100% cashmere to make herself a scarf using a pattern that she noticed in my pile of purchases! She's frugal just like me! No sense buying two patterns when we can both use the same one, right? She also bought two balls each of yellow, red and blue cotton for some luxury wash cloths. The cotton was on the sale tables out on the front porch and she really loved the colors.

Patternworks PurchasesDon't they look just delicious?

Patternworks PurchasesWhen she saw that I was buying my scarf pattern and a skein of cashmere to go with it, she just had to have one of her own. Of course, feeling it on her skin went a long way to selling her on the idea too.

Patternworks PurchasesThis is my wish list that I put together before leaving home and brought with me so that I would not forget anything I wanted to look at while at Patternworks. After all, it is only a once a year adventure!

Patternworks PurchasesI have always been intrigued by the Koigu yarn that Patternworks carries but never had the nerve to just buy a skein and try it. Well, this time I took the plunge! I purchased two skeins of the incredibly soft premium merino wool yarn, and requested two of the one-skein patterns that are offered free with the yarn purchase. I picked the fingerless mittens and the neck cozy patterns which I plan to make either for myself or for gifts, depending on how they turn out.

I also purchased a package of locking stitch markers which I think will be great to use in crocheting since the markers cannot be slid onto the needle like they can in knitting. I'll let you know how I like them.

Patternworks PurchasesHere's a close-up of my Koigu skeins. Yummy, don't you think? I can't wait to wind them up and start knitting!

FYI, this Koigu yarn is the same yarn suggested for the original Babette Blanket pattern by Kathy Merrick. The pattern calls for 22 skeins in a wide variety of solid colors. At $14 per skein, the yarn for that blanket would be over $300! Yikes! Maybe someday I could really splurge and do that! I can just imagine how a blanket made out of this yarn would feel...so luxurious!

Patternworks PurchasesThese are the patterns I picked out to purchase. A few things for my little girlie girl Gracie, a booklet with several sweater patterns but one in particular that I would love to make for myself, the scarf pattern to go with the cashmere yarn that Elizabeth and I each bought, and a knitted lace shawl pattern that I plan to make for my mother for Christmas. Shhh, don't tell her!

Patternworks PurchasesAnd here's my beautiful blue cashmere which Elizabeth insisted I buy since it will go so nicely with my eyes (her words!), the red alpaca lace yarn for the lace shawl since my mother just adores the color red, and a knitted lace scarf kit with white mohair yarn plus an extra ball of soft fancy yarn to make another of the same scarf pattern.

Patternworks PurchasesThere's my gorgeous blue cashmere. Ooooh, I am just itching to get my crochet hook into that!

Patternworks PurchasesI thought that lace scarf pattern was so pretty and delicate with its scalloped edge, and the other ball of yarn is really quite soft and lovely with many different colors in a self striping sort of arrangement. It was on sale too, so I just couldn't pass it up!

Patternworks PurchasesAnd this is the super soft Alpaca lace yarn which I will use for the shawl. That pattern is scaring me just a little as I have never knitted lace before, and I have never used expensive yarn to knit anything before! Two firsts in the same project! I read through the pattern and it seems just a little intimidating to me, but I'm sure once I practice it on some scrap yarn and work it through, I will be able to do it with no trouble. (I say that with all fingers and toes crossed!)

So that was our fun and indulgent shopping trip to Patternworks during vacation this summer. Now I have quite a few projects waiting for me, and I know I'll just love working on them when they finally make it to the top of my list of things to do.

Happy Stitching!

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