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Friday, July 24, 2009

Visit to Patternworks

After Keepsake Quilting, sister store Patternworks is my next favorite vacation shopping spot. Here's a little tour for those of you who haven't had a chance to make it there in person yet...

Visit to PatternworksPatternworks is housed in a typical New England white clapboard sided shopping plaza. It's quite quaint and cozy inside too.

Visit to Patternworks On the front porch, you'll find tables and baskets full of sale yarns, kits, patterns and notions. That's always our first stop.

Visit to Patternworks I always find at least one great purchase from the front porch!

Visit to PatternworksInside the shop you will find room after room of every kind of yarn you can imagine in every color of the rainbow, and all the colors in between too! On each display there are sample swatches or completed items, each labeled with the yarn and pattern used...just in case you decide you can't live without it and need to buy the yarn and pattern!

Visit to Patternworks This is the wall of Koigu yarns, which I have been eyeing in their catalog for a really long time. I'll show you in an upcoming post which of these I purchased.

Visit to Patternworks Patternworks has kits for all sorts of projects. The three socks hanging on this display rack are actually made from one kit which has enough yarn for three socks. I think the point is to mix but not match, so you wear any two together. I thought that was funny.

Visit to Patternworks This little room was full of all kinds of chunky yarns in all different fibers and colors.

Visit to PatternworksPatternworks also has any type or size of knitting needle you could want, patterns for anything you could ever imagine wanting to knit or crochet, and helpful staff to seek out any pattern or yarn you might want. I usually go to their website before we leave on vacation and find anything that I might want to look at while I'm at the store and I add each item to my wish list. Then I print out the list and bring it with me. When someone is available to help me, they give me all the time it takes to find each item on my list. Then after seeing all the items in person, I pick through them and choose the ones I am going to purchase.

The ladies who staff Patternworks are all very helpful and knowledgable and will share their expertise freely, along with all the encouragement you might need to try a more challenging project. When I show you what I purchased on this shopping trip, you'll see how important that encouragement was for me this time around!

Happy Stitching!

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