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Monday, September 14, 2009

Embroidered Country Rose Drawstring Bag

Here's another fun little bag, this one made especially for my secret Stitcher's Angel Swap partner. The pattern for this bag was presented as the first of 7 offered for this year's swap. I followed Helen's instructions almost all the way, but of course I had to make a few changes! Why can't I just take a pattern and do it the way it is written? Do you also get the urge to change up patterns, or do you follow them to the letter?

Anyway, here is my Embroidered Country Rose Drawstring Bag, mostly from Helen's pattern and a little bit from my own head...

Embroidered Country Rose Drawstring BagThe simple stitchery pattern for the rose was actually stitched exactly as Helen designed it, using mostly back stitch, and running stitch for the outer row of blue. The only change I made is that I used different colors instead of all one color for my floss.

Embroidered Country Rose Drawstring BagAnother change I made to this pattern was to sew the rose stitchery piece into the bag front which required piecing the blue fabric around the stitchery. I just couldn't get excited about attempting another needleturn project after finishing the needle wallet a few days ago. My hands still have not recovered from that!

Embroidered Country Rose Drawstring BagI also thought the oval frame of the stitchery would look nice surrounded by straight blue edges.

Embroidered Country Rose Drawstring BagHelen's design for making the lining of the bag extend several inches above the top of the bag is so clever and makes the assembly of the bag and sewing the casing for the drawstring very easy. The result is a lovely lined bag with a double drawstring, pretty little stitched rose, and a fancy ruffled top, perfect for bringing a small project along in the car, filling with sweet smelling potpouri or soaps to hang in a closet, or ready to wrap up a pretty little gift for someone special.

Happy Stitching!

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