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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fixing a common knitting mistake...later!

As I was spending some time this morning knitting along on the lace shawl which I don't think is going to be ready for Christmas this year, I discovered that I had neglected to work a yarn-over in one of the repeat sections of the design. Instead of picking the stitches all the way back to that one missed stitch, I simply marked the spot with one of my handy dandy little locking stitch markers and continued on with my knitting.

The orange stitch marker is the one holding the spot where the yarn-over should be and the yarn which should be used to make the yarn-over.

I continued knitting to the end of the row, turned my work and started purling back across the row. When I got to the orange stitch marker, I made sure I knew exactly how to pick up the strand of yarn to put it onto my needle so it would become the yarn-over. Then I set up my tripod and camera, set the timer so I could take still shots with no hands, and then proceeded to photograph each step of recovering the missed yarn-over. It really is quite simple, and knowing this trick can save you from having to pick back lots of delicate stitches.

So where are those helpful photographs, you may be asking? Right on my camera card where they will remain until I delete them. You see, as I was preparing them for this post, I realized that I had put the stitch onto my left needle backwards! So I guess I'll have to re-create the missed yarn-over, and re-photograph its retrieval, and this time do it correctly!

Now I find myself wondering how I worked the purl stitch with the backwards yarn-over. I'll have to pay extra careful attention when I work the next row to see if I can pick up on where that stitch was worked, and see if it looks any different for it being done on a backwards yarn-over.

Live and learn...and wait for another chance to share this handy tip!

Happy Stitching!

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