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Monday, September 21, 2009

How to pick up a missed Yarn Over in Knitting

In my post few days ago, I began to share with you a very helpful knitting trick that can save a lot of time and frustration when knitting lace or any project with a lot of yarn-overs in the pattern. Imagine my own frustration when I realized the pictures I had taken to show this neat trick were wrong!

Anyway, here are the steps you can take to pick up a yarn-over that was missed on the previous row...

How to pick up a missed Yarn Over in KnittingThe first step in fixing this problem is the same as with fixing any problem...you must know that you have a problem! This is why I always mark and count my sections regularly on each row of my lace knitting. Once I had determined that I had missed working a yarn-over, I used the orange locking stitch marker to grab the yarn that should have been over the needle along with the cable, and I locked the marker in place.

To identify the yarn that should have been the yarn-over, just spread apart the stitches and find the strand of yarn that is going between the two stitches on either side of where the yarn-over should be. This is the yarn that would have been brought around your right needle as a yarn-over.

How to pick up a missed Yarn Over in KnittingContinue knitting your pattern until you reach the orange marker again.

How to pick up a missed Yarn Over in KnittingWith your right needle, pick up the marked yarn strand...

How to pick up a missed Yarn Over in Knitting...and place it on your left needle. Make sure that your left needle picks up the yarn from the front so that the yarn-over will be in the proper position.

How to pick up a missed Yarn Over in KnittingThis is how your newly placed yarn-over should look. Now you can remove the marker and continue knitting your pattern.

Isn't that much easier than picking back lots of stitches to get to your missed stitch? This handy trick has saved me hours of frustration already, which is why I'm happy to be able to share it with you!

Happy Stitching!

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