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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Angel Swap 2009 gifts received - Wow!

Don't you just love it when the mailman shows up with something other than the usual bills, junk and more junk? George surprised me the other day and I wasn't even home to enjoy it! This past Tuesday was an election day here in our city so I worked down at my local polling place from 6:30 in the morning until 8:30 that night. It's a long day of mostly sitting and waiting, but I brought my crochet bag and was able to whip up a few more cotton floor duster covers in between visiting with neighbors.

When I got home, here's what was waiting for me...

Angel Swap 2009 gifts receivedThis package came all the way from Norway from my Secret Stitcher's Angel, Marit of Marit's Hobbyblogg!

Angel Swap 2009 gifts receivedLook at all the wonderful things she sent me!

Angel Swap 2009 gifts receivedThis bag is so different from anything I've seen before. It's a Norwegian design by Annaka called Byveska (Townbag) which Marit improvised a little to include the hand stitched piece with roses.

Angel Swap 2009 gifts receivedInside the bag on one side are open pockets and on the other side there is a zippered pocket. This bag is very generously sized and has long straps so it can be carried comfortably over the shoulder and hold plenty of stuff...I'm thinking of course of knitting or crochet stuff!

Angel Swap 2009 gifts receivedAround the top of the bag are little loop tabs with a very heavy rope through them. When you pull the ends apart, the bag closes up. Very clever design! I just love it!

Angel Swap 2009 gifts receivedAlso included in my package was this hand stitched bookmark, a darling little pin cushion, and the softest skein of yarn I have ever owned! I'll have to make something nice out of that for sure!

Marit and I seem to have many things in common, among them our love of bags and knitting. Did she spoil me in this swap or what?

Happy Stitching!

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