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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pink Fluffy Knitted Cable Poncho

After finishing the knitted helmet liner I was working on during the Olympics, I needed another project to keep my hands busy for the remainder of this exciting viewing event. I checked the shelf in my sewing room cabinet where I keep projects still to be done and found a wonderful little knitting kit I had purchased a while back to make a fluffy pink poncho for my little girlie girl. So I pulled it out, gathered the appropriate needles, a little yellow sticky note to keep track of my rows, and I was ready to continue being productive while enjoying the last few evenings of Olympics coverage.

It's the cutest pink fluffy double cabled pattern from Patons, and it's worked on size 10 1/2 needles so it is working up pretty quickly.

Pink Fluffy Knitted Cable PonchoIt will be the perfect cozy covering for Gracie to wear to a spring tea party, or to storytime at the library, or just running errands with Mom. That is supposing that it fits her when I am finished with it of course. She's growing so fast, and as I've mentioned here before, I am a slow knitter! But if it's too small for her, I'll just post it for sale on my new For Sale page and let someone else's little girlie girl enjoy it.

Pink Fluffy Knitted Cable PonchoThe pattern is a simple one, just two rectangles each with two double cables going up the sides. Then you sew them together to make the poncho and add fringe.

Pink Fluffy Knitted Cable PonchoYou can see here one of the cables twisting its way up the side of the first piece. The yarn feels like the lightest fluffiest cotton candy, and looks like it too! It's Patons Be Mine yarn in Plushy Pink...love the name! Let's hope I finish it before the warm weather arrives!

The spring time giveaway prize that I showed in sneak peek format recently is now complete and ready for the "Good Eggs Giveaway." Be on the lookout for it here at Hooked On Needles and other crafty websites between March 24 and 28th. I'll be showing it off soon when I announce the sale of my very first pattern. It's an original, not my first original, but my first that I am producing to sell. This is very exciting for me so I hope you'll come and check it out.

I've also been working on preserving some very old quilt blocks for Lyn's Make-Do Memories Miniature Quilt Challenge so I'll be sharing that with you soon as well. My fingers have been very busy lately with all this, and a few paid sewing projects that I don't plan on showing - making valances out of leftover drapery panels, dropping dress hems and fixing holes in sweaters - not very exciting stuff, but it keeps me busy and helps people continue to use what they have. Definitely a worthwhile Make-Do challenge for all of us!

Happy Stitching!

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