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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jeanne Worsted Weight Yarn for Patternworks Chemo Caps

Last night we returned from our wonderful week at the lake and it is so good to be home! I had the opportunity, not just once but twice, to visit my favorite shopping spots while on vacation and if you've read Hooked On Needles for a while, you know where I mean...Keepsake Quilting and Patternworks in Center Harbor, New Hampshire. If you've never checked them out, click over to their sites and get on their mailing lists. Their catalogs are wonderful to look at and so full of great ideas and supplies for quilting and yarn work. Visiting these shops in person is even better though. The sheer volume of fabric bolts and yarn skeins is unbelievable, and the people who work in the shops are so knowledgeable and always friendly and helpful.

I'm still in the process of getting things back in order here at home, so today I just wanted to quickly show you one of my purchases, this one being from Patternworks. I had decided not to purchase any yarn on this trip because I still have projects waiting to be made from last year's visit and I'm very much into fabric projects right now. Wouldn't you know half way through the week, I received an email from Patternworks announcing their project for collecting 1000 chemo caps for three very worthy cancer treatment centers. You can find all the information on the home page of Patternworks. How could I resist?

Plymouth Jeanne yarnSo here's my little purchase...three skeins of Jeanne worsted weight yarn, each one enough to make one chemo cap for someone suffering the side effects of their lifesaving cancer treatment. This yarn is so soft and warm, and just feels good to touch. I do a lot of sitting and waiting, as most moms of young children do for lessons, picking up from school, going to the dentist or doctor's office, you all know what I mean. I like to have a little take-along project to grab and go, and this seems to fit the bill perfectly.

I'm looking forward to starting one of the caps and testing this yarn. I'll be sure to let you know how I like working with it.

Coming up, I'll be showing you my other purchases from this trip as well as the project I worked on while at the lake, and the project my daughter worked on along with her purchases. We both had a very productive, and relaxing, vacation week!

Happy Stitching!

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