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Friday, August 6, 2010

Boy's "I Spy" Quilt ~ Bound and Ready To Go

The I Spy quilt I was working on a few weeks ago is now finished and heading over to my Etsy shop very soon. I love how the denim looks around each block, and I am totally in love with the Debbie Mumm stripes I used for the binding!

Boy's I Spy QuiltThe brightly colored spots on the lighter blue backing fabric match the stripes and go well with the denim too.

Boy's I Spy QuiltI spy ... footballs, drums, vegetables, road signs, penguins, chickens, a train, monkeys, cookies ... lots of fun things!

Boy's I Spy QuiltThis quilt is a nice size for in a crib or to use as a play mat, measuring 41 1/2 by 29 inches.

Boy's I Spy QuiltThere are those spots again!

Boy's I Spy QuiltAnd more of that delicious binding!

This is my 600th post here at Hooked On Needles! Wow! Who knew I would have so much to say about my handwork? I want to celebrate with a giveaway, and I know just the thing I am going to give away, but I have not made it yet! So we'll save the celebration for a little later. Maybe we can combine it with a little back-to-school celebration since my two little ones will both be in school in a few weeks, starting kindergarten and second grade. And my big college girl will be starting her second year of nursing school shortly after that. My goodness, but time seems to be flying right by lately!

So keep an eye out for a little celebration in the coming weeks, and very soon a peek at what I've done with some of the yummy fabric I purchased on vacation this summer! Think cozy and cuddly for a new baby!

Happy Stitching!

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