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Sunday, December 26, 2010

SSCS Gifts Opened ~ Martine spoiled me!

Yesterday was a fun filled family day here and just the perfect way to spend Christmas day. After Mass on Christmas Eve, and then a busy day of exchanging gifts and playing with new toys and fixing a few yummy meals, it was time for me to open my gifts from Martine in Belgium. Martine was my secret Santa this year for the Secret Santa Christmas Swap hosted by Chookyblue all the way down in Australia. This is truly a worldwide swap so it is fun to see what wonderful gifts have made their way all across the world.

Here are mine...

SSCS Gifts OpenedThe little stitched ornament in the front has been hanging on my tree since my package arrived many weeks ago, but all the other gifts were waiting for Christmas to be unwrapped. And just look at the wonderful things Martine sent me!

SSCS Gifts OpenedThis darling little sewing basket which is filled with some delicious looking biscuits that Martine says are a Belgian specialty. I'll enjoy some of them with my tea this afternoon. Yum!

SSCS Gifts OpenedIsn't that just the cutest little sewing basket? Perfect for pins, needles, bobbins, all sorts of little things!

SSCS Gifts OpenedI have not yet opened this bag of chocolate treats. I'm afraid once it is opened, they will not last very long! I love chocolate and will have to practice quite a bit of self control to keep from eating the whole bag!

SSCS Gifts OpenedAt first I thought this was a little book of blank pages, but then I opened it up...

SSCS Gifts Opened...and discovered a variety of little sticky note pads and a page of stickers, all in such lovely colors and useful sizes too! I use sticky notes everywhere in my house, in the kitchen to mark recipes, in my sewing room to help keep my place on patterns or to jot down little notes to help me remember some little detail, in the office when paying bills and such. This collection of sticky notes will come in handy all around the house!

And then the best of all Martine's gifts to me...this darling Christmas stitchery! The design on it is so cute with those reindeer standing on each other's backs to help Santa fill his sleigh!

SSCS Gifts OpenedThe look on Santa's face is priceless!

SSCS Gifts OpenedAnd his little helpers are just as happy as can be, doing their part to spread Christmas cheer!

Martine has definitely spoiled me! Completely! I hope each of you had someone to spoil you this Christmas too!

Speaking of spoiling, my sweet husband has also spoiled me, but I'll save those gifts to share with you another time. I want to play with them a little first, and I cannot wait to have a few minutes alone with them! In my sewing room, of course!

Happy Stitching!

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