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Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Trim Afghan Fringe ~ A Tutorial

Have you ever tried to trim the fringe on an afghan evenly with a pair of scissors? It reminds me of the few times I've tried to trim my children's hair...just a little over here...oh then a little over there...oops, now it's uneven so a little more over here...and a little more over there....and before you know it, not even the best hair dresser in the world can fix it!

This won't help with trimming children's hair. I'd suggest just calling the professionals from the beginning on that one. But here's a quick tutorial on a fast and easy way to get perfect fringe every time. Take a look!

Lay the afghan on your cutting mat (or your friend's cutting mat ~ everyone knows someone who has a cutting mat!) and use your fingers to comb the fringe so that it is straight and neat. To trim the entire edge of this afghan at one time, I folded it in half so I would be cutting two layers of fringe at once.

Put your straight edge onto the fringe so that the cutting edge of it is even with the shortest piece of yarn in the fringe. For mine, this meant that the 4 inch line on my straight edge would be just below the fringe knots. I made a note of that so I could cut the fringe on the other end the same length.

You can't see it in the picture because I only have two hands and one was holding the camera, but you will want to use your left hand to hold the edge of the ruler down hard against the fringe where you will be cutting. Start cutting from the bottom edge and as you go up, move your left hand up the ruler so that you get a nice tight layer of yarn to cut.

Cut all the way up and through all layers of the fringe.

Gather up the cut edges of the fringe into a nice pile and admire that nice straight edge of fringe left on your afghan.

Now turn the afghan over and do the same for the fringe on the opposite edge.

Click HERE for a quick tutorial on how to make fringe.

I'll have pictures of this completed afghan to show you next time, and coming up soon will be another video tutorial on crossed double crochet.

Happy Stitching!

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