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Monday, March 7, 2011

Modern Siggy Quilt Complete!

Last year's Modern Siggy Swap, hosted by Rachel over at p.s. i quilt, was the first siggy block swap I had ever participated in and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Making my blocks was fun. Signing all 100 was a bit tedious. Mailing them out was very exciting. But the best part was receiving my package of blocks back in the mail! Every one of them was different and signed by its maker from somewhere out there in this great big world.

I laid them out many different times over the past year, then put them away again, not ready to commit to any particular design. Until a few weeks ago when I pulled the bag out again and took the stack of blocks and started arranging them in an X design just as they came off the stack. When I was finished, I had twelve rows of eight blocks each with one block leftover. I looked over the arrangement, moved one or two blocks into different places, then stacked up the blocks in order once again and brought them to my sewing machine where I chain sewed them together into a lovely little quilt top, saving my own block out to be used as the label on the back of the wall hanging. Then I started quilting it.

That's where I was with the project when I showed it to you last time. But now it's all bound and hanging in my sewing room...so I'll show you the rest of the process...

Modern Siggy QuiltI picked out four fat quarters of my favorite modern fabrics from my stash and made a scrappy binding out of them by sewing them into a four square block and then using my favorite never-ending binding method to make more than enough binding for this wall hanging.

Modern Siggy QuiltI stitched some of the pink around my own block and sewed that onto the backing and wrote some other pertinent information on the backing around it for the label.

Modern Siggy QuiltThere's the scrappy binding going up one side...

Modern Siggy Quilt...and coming down the other.

Modern Siggy QuiltWhile working on this quilt, I noticed names of other bloggers whose sites I follow closely. Here's Vickie's block from Spun Sugar Quilts. She does some really cool stuff with fabric.

Modern Siggy QuiltAnd there's the block done by the swap hostess herself, Rachel from p.s. i quilt.

Modern Siggy QuiltQuilt Dad John Q. Adams was in the swap too and there's his block with blue sea shells on it. My husband and I are in the middle of watching a series on the life of John Adams, you know one of those brave men who pledged his life, his fortune and his sacred honor to help win our independence from England a few centuries ago. I have often thought I would like to ask Quilt Dad if he is a descendant of that John Adams, second President of the United States, whose son was John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the United States. What a family story that would be!

Modern Siggy QuiltI also found a block made my Michele Foster of Canada who hosts The Quilting Gallery and lots of fun swaps like the mug rug swap I was recently in.

Modern Siggy QuiltSo now I have 96 quilting friends hanging around with me in my sewing room. This quilted wall hanging has brought the feel of spring into my little cozy space with all its modern fabrics and fun designs.

Happy Stitching!

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