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Monday, April 4, 2011

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack Bags

Whew! It's been a whole week since I've added anything new here at Hooked On Needles! Now please don't think I've been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. Oh no, not me! In fact my thumbs, and all my other fingers, have been quite busy in my cozy little sewing room assembly-line-sewing these bags...

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack BagsIsn't that a lovely Pile of Pink?

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack BagsFive quilted, lined, adjustable strapped and pocketed backpack bags...

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack Bags...each with an appliquéd pink Breast Cancer Ribbon on the front...

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack Bags...and a strip to hold pink ribbons bearing the names of people who have fought against this disease. I put just one on for an example.

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack BagsYou can see here on the side that the straps are adjustable so the bags can be made comfortable for someone who is quite small or quite large. I have never met the lady who asked me to make these and who will be walking with her friends, so it was necessary to make them adjustable so anyone could use them.

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack BagsPretty, don't you think?

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack BagsA double drawstring closes the top of each bag.

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack BagsInside are three pockets to help keep stuff organized, along with a swivel clip on a ribbon to help keep track of keys.

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack BagsA close-up of the name ribbons...I suppose I could have written a name on this example. It would have been my mother-in-law's name as she died of cancer just about 8 years ago.

Quilted Cancer Walk Backpack BagsAnd here you can see the diagonal quilting I did on the back side of each bag. The fabric design made it easy to stitch straight lines either horizontal and vertical as I did on the fronts, or diagonal as you see here.

Three of these bags are available in my Etsy shop. They make wonderful backpacks for a cancer walk or you can use them for an everyday purse just to show your support for those dealing with this disease. The price for one bag is $40 plus shipping.

Happy Stitching!

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