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Friday, July 8, 2011

Rainbow Swap Squares ~ So Colorful!

Recently I participated in a swap hosted by Craftytammie called Swap a Rainbow. I think I may have mentioned it here when I signed up for it. Anyway, I cut my blocks and sent them in and then waited patiently for my package to arrive. Oh boy, what a package! Check out the 200 squares of fabric I received in this fun swap...

Rainbow Swap Squares ~ So Colorful!I laid them out on my husband's pool table (shhh, remember he doesn't like it being used for girly stuff like quilt design!) in color rows. Aren't they fabulous? I just love how the tricycle fits right in with all these great colors!

Rainbow Swap Squares ~ So Colorful!I just looked at them for a while...

Rainbow Swap Squares ~ So Colorful!...from all angles. Here you can see more of my mess under the ping pong table, which is my cutting table too, with appropriate mats of course!

Rainbow Swap Squares ~ So Colorful!I decided using all of the squares in one quilt would make it too big to quilt on my domestic machine, so I took half of the squares away. Then I decided I didn't want a square quilt and I didn't want blacks and browns, so I took those two rows away. And I rearranged the colors so they are sort of diagonal instead of in rows.

Rainbow Swap Squares ~ So Colorful!And I looked at this arrangement for a while. Then I decided what I wanted to do with all these colorful squares of fabric.

Were you in this swap too? If so, thank you for such pretty fabrics! Have you put your squares together yet? If you've posted about how you are using your rainbow squares, please leave a comment below with a link so everyone can see.

Would you like to see what I am doing with these 80 colorful squares? I'll show you next time! I promise!

Happy Stitching!

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