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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting Ready for my First Craft Fair

My goodness I've been a busy beaver these past many days! You see, I am having my very own Hooked On Needles table at a charity event craft fair this coming Friday evening and it's the first time ever that I have done anything like this for myself. Very exciting, don't you think?

Preparations for my first craft fairEven with the short notice, I decided that I would have to do it up as big as I could, so I had this banner made which I think turned out super cool. Need a banner? Be sure to check out Vistaprint online. Here's a hint: order something small at first and get on their email list. Then you'll get all kinds of offers for free stuff! I got this poster for practically nothing, business cards, postcards, post-it notes, even a tote bag and mouse pad for next to nothing. The quality is quite good too.

Preparations for my first craft fairWith such a nice banner to display, I had to build something on which to display it, and why not make it roomy enough to display my tote bags and Christmas stockings too? So I went down to Home Depot and bought about $20 worth of pvc and connectors, and built this simple frame on which to hang my banner, stockings, tote bags and maybe even a few other handmade items. This whole frame will sit on top of my table. The pvc on the bottom will be covered by some pretty fall fabric. I sewed sleeves of blue corduroy to cover the rest of the frame. I love pvc! It's so versatile!

Preparations for my first craft fairMy sewing area is a total mess right now with everything all over the place in preparation for this fair. But I have all my patterns and signs printed and stored in that cute flower folder. I have my product list all printed with prices of everything. That green thing in the plastic bag there is the rainbow quilt I made for my recent tutorial which I just quilted on the long arm today. I am hoping to get the binding on it and have it available for sale at the fair Friday too. Wish me luck!

Preparations for my first craft fairAfter pricing all my items, I have packaged most of them as neatly as possible in these two containers. You can see two aprons there on top of the purple tote and some Hershey's chocolate. I've been to enough craft fairs and trade shows to know that the booths people like to visit are those with free chocolate! In the box on the right are all the crocheted cotton wash cloth bundles and pot holders I made over the summer, and on top you can see a pink metal tin which holds a set of ten cute little magnets. I have seven of those for sale. Also in that box, you can see a little thing that says 'Jane' on it. That is a quilted name tag I made for my friend Jane who will be accompanying me for the evening, helping me set up and staff my table. I made one for myself too which you can see sticking out a little under Jane's. I used selvages from Deb Strain's Makin' New Friends fabric to frame our names. I thought that was appropriate for name tags!

Preparations for my first craft fairHere's the rainbow quilt all trimmed and ready for binding, along with a cute little red basket which will hold the afore mentioned free chocolate. And right behind the red basket are boxes of the greatest plastic bags for sewing and quilting projects. They come in three different sizes, are heavy duty, have a handle for carrying, and have a zip closure to keep dust and other icky stuff out. A friend of mine found them at the dollar store and uses them to store all her fabric projects while they are waiting their turn on the long arm. I'll be using my supply of them to package some of the bigger items I will have for sale Friday night, if they sell!

So that is what I've been up to since my last post over a week ago. Since then, I have also long armed the Tranquility Quilt but have not yet bound it, and I have put the binding on my other Christmas gift quilt which I still cannot show. I'll take some pictures Friday night and share them here over the weekend. If you're in the area and want to stop in, come over to the 2nd Annual Tyler Foundation Vendor & Craft Fair at Devons Common Center, 31 Andrews Pkwy, Devons, Massachusetts from 6:30 to 9:30. There will be local vendors, artists & businesses, free admission, cash bar, appetizers, and raffle tickets. I'll be at booth number 4. You can find me under the big banner that says Hooked On Needles! I'd love to meet you!

Happy Stitching!

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