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Friday, September 2, 2011

A Very Generous Win

Moda pre-cuts are just about the greatest things since sliced bread, don't you agree? I own more than my share of charm packs and just love working with them. They are so versatile and fun. My current project, the Tranquility quilt, uses four of them and I will share pictures of my progress on that very soon. Jelly Rolls are great fun too, and my Postage Stamp Quilt used up my very first ever jelly roll with great success. I own a few Honey Buns and Turnovers but have not used one yet, and just recently I received the cutest little miniature charm pack that is just one quarter the size of a regular one, so each square is only 2 1/2 inches. Too cute to cut into, just yet anyway!

So my point here is that I am familiar with Moda's pre-cut fabrics and I just love them. But I have yet to own one of each type. I have never owned a layer cake, and up until yesterday I had also never owned a fat quarter bundle. My goodness, a fat quarter bundle is a major investment! So anytime I see a giveaway for a fat quarter bundle, I sign up for it, along with about a million other fabric lovers, and have never won. But earlier this week, I got a note from Judi over at Green Fairy Quilts telling me that I had won their giveaway for a fat quarter bundle of Deb Strain's Coming Home fabric line! I couldn't believe it! And yesterday it arrived in the mail. Wanna see it? Ok, you can look, but you can't touch! That Moda ribbon isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

Fat Quarter Bundle of Coming Home from Green Fairy QuiltsI was sitting quietly at the table working on my website when my husband brought in the mail. There was a box. It was for me. I had never seen a fat quarter bundle in person before so I didn't know if this box was too big or not big enough. But it was from Green Fairy Quilts and I could not open it fast enough! Ahhhh, just look at that lovely package!

Fat Quarter Bundle of Coming Home from Green Fairy QuiltsAnd feast your eyes on that delicious Moda ribbon! I save them pinned to the bulletin board over my sewing machine. What for? Who knows? But I love them.

Oh my, I could gush on and on about this package of wonderful fabric all wrapped up so pretty. But I must go get some work done. Maybe I'll stop and look at my new little pile of fabric just for a minute before I get to work...just a minute though! And maybe next week, I'll remove the clear wrapping from it so I can feel the fabric and touch the ribbon...oh, the anticipation!

Now if you've never visited Judi and Clint over at Green Fairy Quilts, you really must. You simply must. They always have the very latest in Moda pre-cuts available, and always for the best prices you'll find anywhere. Their shipping charges are very reasonable, and their service is top notch. While you're there checking out their fabrics, be sure to click on their sidebar and read about their charity. HERE's a link to make sure you find it. They are really amazing people who do such good things. Oh yes, and their kids are too cute for words!

Thanks again, Judi and Clint!

Happy Stitching!

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