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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Crocheted Reflections Afghan ~ Version Two

You may remember the first Reflections Afghan I crocheted as a wedding gift for one of my nieces not too long ago. You can see pictures of it HERE. When our daughter got married last June, I asked if she would like me to make her an afghan and she promptly requested a Reflections afghan, only in her choice of colors. We went yarn shopping and, after a brief warm weather break from crocheting, it is finally finished and here is the result...

Crocheted Reflections Afghan ~ Version TwoIf you took a look at the first Reflections afghan I made, you might notice that this one is just a bit larger, measuring a whopping 96 inches long by about 60 inches wide. Whew!

Crocheted Reflections Afghan ~ Version Two

Crocheted Reflections Afghan ~ Version TwoThis afghan will look great stretched across the back of a couch or hanging over the end of a sectional or love seat. Very cozy!

Crocheted Reflections Afghan ~ Version TwoI trimmed the fringe on this one the same way I did on the first and showed in THIS tutorial. It's a very quick and accurate way to get all your fringe the same length.

Crocheted Reflections Afghan ~ Version TwoThis is the nice little pile of cuttings from trimming the fringe. These leftovers will be thrown in the trash, but all the other leftovers will be crocheted into my scrap afghan which I'll be showing you very soon, still in progress of course!

Feels good to check one more thing off my list of projects! How's your list coming along?

Happy Stitching!

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