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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt ~ Coming Along!

There's just something about working with lovely, top quality fabric that makes me happy. So I've been happy a lot lately! This Postage Stamp Quilt I'm making right now is such a pleasure to work on, especially in my newly cleaned out and organized sewing space. What a difference that makes! So come see how far I've gotten...

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt This is what I had accomplished up to this morning, a nice pile of 5 by 5 blocks.

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt And this is what I still had to sew together into 5 by 5 blocks.

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt The colors in this line of fabric are just so warm and rich. I love them!

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt Ok, just one more shot of this lovely pile!

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt And this is the same pile of blocks after I spent some time sewing this morning. I was able to finish piecing all the blocks that have the solid fabric in the corners, which is half of the blocks for the quilt.

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt And this little pile will get sewn into the remaining 5 by 5 blocks and will have the print fabric at the corners. Rachel's instructions make this so easy to piece, never having to handle individual 2-inch squares! I'll start on that next pile after lunch!

I noticed that I am nearing my 800th post soon and I think that is something to celebrate, don't you? Who knew I'd find so much to say to people who start off as total strangers? I'm happy to report that after about 3 1/2 years of writing and sharing here at Hooked On Needles, many of you are no longer strangers, but wonderful friends I look forward to sharing with and hearing from. And I know there are many more of you who read this and never leave a comment, which is fine too. I'm happy just knowing that you find something useful or interesting when you come to visit every now and then.

So be on the lookout for a celebration giveaway sometime soon. I'll announce the giveaway before the 800th post, and then announce the winner on the 800th post. How's that for a party idea?

In case you missed my big clean-up recently, you can check out my destash boxes over in my Etsy shop and see all the stuff I am ready to part with! Lots of fabric and yarn is listed for a very minimal fee plus postage, just enough to cover my costs for listing and selling and mailing.

Happy Stitching!

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