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Friday, October 21, 2011

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt ~ In Progress

A few months ago, Karen commissioned me to make a quilt for a very special occasion that is happening next summer. So I showed her some I had made and she instantly fell in love with my postage stamp quilt that I had done during Rachel's quilt along in January. Karen picked out a new line of fabric called Lately Arrived From London by Barbara Brackman for Moda, and ordered a jelly roll from Judi over at Green Fairy Quilts, where you'll find fabulous fabric precuts at great prices and even more fabulous service. So that is what I've been working on since I finished my big clean-up. It's so nice to work on a lovely project in a clean and organized space! Come on in and take a peek...

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt ~ In ProgressSorry I have no pictures of this project up to this point, but these are all the 5 strip sets that have been cut apart into 2 1/2 inch strips and stacked up for shuffling into 5 by 5 block sets.

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt ~ In ProgressHere are the first twelve block sets waiting to be stitched together...

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt ~ In Progress...and here are the next twelve block sets. I still have to shuffle up enough strips for another twelve of each block. You may have noticed the first twelve have print fabric in the corners, and these next twelve have the solid, which is Kona Bone solid, in the corners. That's all part of Rachel's easy to follow design for this fun quilt.

Karen's Postage Stamp Quilt ~ In ProgressThese fabrics are so rich and wonderful to work with. I am anxious to get back downstairs to sew all these blocks together because then the design really starts to take shape. I'll share more pictures as I go along.

Last night I finished a crochet project that I will show you next time. I still have to trim the fringe, but after that, it will be ready to deliver. It looks something like THIS project, only in different colors.

It's been so cool and crisp and colorful here lately so I thoroughly enjoyed working on that afghan that I just finished. Luckily I have a scrap afghan that I work on after finishing a project, and I just crochet all the leftover yarn onto it. It is big enough to keep my lap warm in the evenings when I sit down to crochet. So that will be my evening project until I get another order for an afghan. Gotta keep these hands busy! Do you?

Happy Stitching!

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